AI Takes the Wheel in Logistics 🚚


A leading global logistics company faced a growing backlog of customer inquiries submitted through various channels. Manually classifying and gathering information for each case overloaded agents, leading to:

  • Agent Burnout: Repetitive tasks consumed valuable agent time, hindering their ability to address complex customer issues.
  • Slow Resolution Times: Manual classification resulted in delays, frustrating customers waiting for answers.
  • Limited Scalability: The existing approach couldn't handle the anticipated increase in customer inquiries.


The logistics provider took a leap forward in innovation by deploying a Generative AI solution built directly on the Salesforce platform. This forward-thinking approach went beyond traditional AI and aimed to:

  • Automate Case Classification: Leverage AI to analyze incoming cases from various channels (email, chat, web form, etc.) and automatically categorize them based on key fields like "Case Issue," "Reason," and "Business Area."
  • Empower Agents: Free agents from repetitive tasks by pre-populating cases with AI-generated details, allowing them to focus on resolving complex issues and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Improve First Contact Resolution: Equip agents with a clear understanding of the customer's inquiry from the outset, enabling faster and more accurate case resolution on the first interaction.

Implementation: The Gen AI solution seamlessly integrated with the logistics provider's existing infrastructure, utilizing:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud: Provided a centralized platform for managing customer cases and integrating with the AI solution.
  • Einstein AI Platform: Powered the core AI functionalities, enabling text analysis and intelligent case classification.
  • Customizable Pop-up: A user-friendly pop-up window displayed the AI-generated case details for agent confirmation or adjustment. This ensured data accuracy while maintaining agent control over the classification process.


By implementing a Generative AI solution on Salesforce in collaboration with Vemicon, a logistics provider achieved substantial improvements in customer service. This innovative approach resulted in:

  • Increased Agent Efficiency:  By automating case classification and pre-populating case details with relevant information, the Generative AI solution significantly reduced agent handling time per case. This targeted 1-minute reduction translates to a substantial increase in agent productivity. Freed from repetitive tasks, agents can now dedicate more time to resolving complex issues and providing personalized support to customers.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:  Faster case resolution times are a direct result of the AI's efficiency. This translates to a more streamlined customer experience with shorter wait times, improved first-call resolution rates, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.
  • Scalable Solution:  The Generative AI system is built to handle growing volumes of inquiries submitted through web forms. Unlike traditional methods, it doesn't require additional resources to scale up as the company experiences growth. This allows the logistics provider to confidently expand their operations and customer base without compromising on the quality and efficiency of their customer service department.
AI Takes the Wheel in Logistics 🚚

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