Technology's Impact on Media and Communications 📡


In the highly competitive communications industry, maintaining customer satisfaction while reducing costs is an ongoing struggle. A large company with over 4,500 employees faced a significant challenge: managing a high volume of customer inquiries efficiently without relying heavily on expensive and resource-intensive live agent support.

Specific Pain Points:

  • High Operational Costs: Live agent interactions resulted in significant financial strain on the company's budget.
  • Resource Allocation: Maintaining a large team of live agents to manage inquiries was unsustainable for long-term growth.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Finding a solution that provided faster, more efficient responses without compromising the quality of service was critical.
  • Scalability: The company anticipated a steady increase in customer inquiries as their business continued to expand.


The company partnered with Vemicon, a leader in deploying advanced Salesforce solutions. After a thorough needs assessment, Vemicon's consultants designed a comprehensive AI-powered customer support system. This system leveraged a combination of Salesforce products:

  • Sales Cloud: Streamlined lead management and sales processes (potentially used for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers who contact support).
  • Service Cloud: Provided a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries and cases.
  • Marketing Cloud: Enabled targeted communication for proactive support or educational content.
  • Einstein Analytics: Delivered powerful data insights to optimize the customer support system.
  • Einstein AI Platform: Powered the core AI functionalities.

A key aspect of the solution was the deployment of AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots handled routine customer inquiries, significantly reducing the workload of live agents.

The AI technology offered several advantages:

  • Automated Inquiry Analysis: The system automatically analyzed customer inquiries from various channels (email, chat, etc.).
  • Issue Understanding & Summarization: AI parsed the inquiry to understand the nature of the problem and generate a concise summary.
  • Intelligent Routing: Based on the analysis, the system routed inquiries to the most appropriate live agent with relevant pre-populated information, facilitating faster resolution.
  • Auto-generated Replies: The AI system generated automated responses to frequently asked questions or basic troubleshooting steps, further reducing the burden on live agents.


The implementation of AI-powered chatbots and analytics tools, guided by Vemicon's expertise, yielded impressive results:

  • Cost Savings: The chatbot system successfully deflected 40% of customer inquiries, significantly reducing the dependence on live agents. With each live agent interaction costing approximately €10 and the company handling around 100,000 inquiries per month, this translated to a monthly saving of €40,000 on customer service costs.
  • Improved Efficiency: The company observed a notable improvement in wait times and resolution rates within just 2-3 months of implementing the AI solution. Faster issue resolution and reduced wait times directly translate to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability: The AI solution provided a scalable framework. Unlike traditional support structures that require additional resources for increased inquiries, this AI-powered system could handle growing volumes without a proportional increase in costs. This positions the company well for future growth and expansion without compromising customer service quality.
Technology's Impact on Media and Communications 📡

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